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About Us

With an informal beginning in 1985, Daves Lights was established for the purpose of providing production services for hire.

Our Objectives

Cultivate that which makes us unique within the market.

Strive to better, more fully, serve those who would seek to hire us.

Invest and maintain an extensive inventory of high quality equipment related to the entertainment industry.

Develop and expand long-term relationships as a resource to independent clients, facilities management, and event staff.

Here's what that means. We are primarily a lighting production company. We provide lighting, sound, and sometimes even video, for the purpose of entertainment. We own a whole bunch of really cool production gear we use to do shows, or cross rent to someone doing a show.


Because we own this gear, we work anywhere someone will pay us to go, for any reason we can find to put our stuff to use. Not just in Topeka, not just in Kansas or the midwest, but all across the United States. We work in schools, churches, clubs, bars, ballrooms, theatres, performing arts centers, convention centers, arenas, and festivals; indoors and outside.


We like to make our clients happy to have hired us, and want to pay us well. So, we are always expanding, to supply our clients with the kind of stuff they're looking for. And what ties it all together....we Retail. We have a showroom. We are a dealer for some very wonderful companies who make great equipment, accessories, and expendables. We know because we use these same great brands for our production work.


With a little lite guy majic, we have been fighting the forces of darkness since 1985. We are Daves Lights, LLC..........................I'm Dave

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