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Payments & Gift Certificates

You may use a credit card or your PayPal account to send funds to Daves Lights, LLC/Fighting The Forces of Darkness to pay your service contract deposit, sales orders, rentals, gift certificates, or any other amounts we have agreed to verbally, requested by invoice, equipment rental agreement, or contract.

Instructions for payments/gift certificates:

Fill in your email address.

Fill in your Name in the "From" field.

"To" Field

If this is a payment for merchandise, rentals or services enter “Daves Lights” in the “To” field.

If you are purchasing a Gift Certificate for someone else enter the name of the person that will be redeeming the certificate in the “To” field

Personalized message

Tell us what you're paying for.


If purchasing a Gift Certificate, add a personal message that will appear on the certificate.  You will be prompted to print at the end of your order.

Gift Amount

This is the amount of your payment or Gift Certificate

Click "Preview" and follow the instructions on how to complete your purchase using your Credit Card or PayPal

Gift Certificates

Purchase gift certificates for your favorite DJ, band member, party planner, or other lighting/sound enthusiast!

Gift Certificates may be redeemed by the person named towards purchase of merchandise, rentals or service, subject to availability, with no expiration.


All Gift Certificates presented for redemption at the showroom, or online are subject to validation of authenticity.

Tax Deductible orders

If you are legitimately deducting sales tax from the amount we're expecting, tell us so we can adjust your transaction (you may only do this if you email ( or fax your valid exemption certificate, or if you have previously supplied it for our files, and it is not expired)


(Partial payment of the amount requested/required will not obligate us to perform any service under a contract, place special or custom orders, or hold equipment for your rental or production date.)

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