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Supplies & Expendables

Supplies & Expendables are presently available at our Showroom, and through telephone or email orders shipped to customers in KANSAS ONLY.

  • Lamps/Bulbs

  • Fog/Haze Fluid

  • Gobo Patterns

  • Confetti

  • Gaffers Tape

  • Console Label Tape

  • Fluorescent Tape

  • Glo Tape

  • Gel

  • Clamps

  • Velcro Cable Wraps

  • Lighting Tools/Wrenches


Prepayment in good funds of all charges, by check, money order, or PayPal is required for all purchases at our Showroom or before shipping, and before special ordering or custom ordering.


The appropriate sales tax rate (Kansas/County/City), according to Kansas state law, will be charged unless a proper exemption certificate is received at time of purchase.


Packages will be insured and the amount included in shipping charges.

Cancellations, or changes, anytime prior to shipment, which result in an overcharge, will be refunded less any costs we have incurred.

If there is a problem with a product, call us and we'll advise the options available for your item. Returns for any reason must be authorized in advance.

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