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Well...most weekdays we're at the shop 10 - noon & 1:30 - 4 or 5:00...take a chance and drop by if you like, but if the fuel and time to get here are more than 10 minutes, I'd call first, 'cause we could be out working an event somewhere, or installing/servicing gear somewhere, OR solving global warming by dimming the sun or something!


On the weekends or evenings, if you're picking up or returning gear or need supplies, or if you find yourself in town and seriously ready to buy some new DJ gear, call us and we'll open up just for you – or even better – call ahead and set a time to come's how we do it, really.

Location & Driving Directions:

We are located in the central U.S., the heart of the Midwest, 1 hour west of Kansas City and 2 hours northeast of Wichita.

Showroom & Shop

(Pickup/Return of Equipment)

1810 SE 29th Street
Topeka, Kansas
(29th & Iowa....2 blks west of 29th & California)


DO NOT SEND MAIL TO our 1810 SE 29th Street address. There is no mailbox and no delivery of mail at this address. It will not be received, nor returned to you...where does it go?

Driving Directions:

(Especially for semi-tractor trailer rigs or trucks.)

From the north, south, east or west...we're located off I-70 on the east side of Topeka, so


Get to I-70 via the most direct hwy route for you,

take California exit (coming from the east on I-70 California exit is just a few miles after the toll booth, coming from the west on I-70 you'll pass all the way through downtown and on a few miles east to the California exit)

at the end of the exit ramp turn south onto California,

go about 2 miles to 29th Street,

turn west (right) onto 29th Street,

drive slowly only 2 blocks preparing for a right turn onto Iowa Street,

you'll pass the front of our shop on your right at the NE corner of 29th &,

make that right turn onto Iowa and you're here!

No worries...we'll direct you out of the area when you're ready to be on your way.

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